Sacrifice and Surrender are The Keys To Your Success

Success comes by Sacrifice and Surrender

Sacrifice and Surrender: The Success Answer You've Been Waiting For

You have to see the longings of your heart as the answers to someone’s problem. You are a problem- solver!

When life so to speak gives you lemons, it is your uncommon millionaire talents that turn your lemons into lemonade.

It's not magic, it is your God-given potential being exercised in the area where it was meant to be exercised. There is a unique strength given to all those who sacrificially surrender for the good of all. When you find this unique strength, you will find your uncommon millionaire talents. What are you capable of doing?

What are you capable of doing that no one else in the world is capable of doing? Have you thought about it?

Now I want you to also think about who is going to be impacted by that great feat. Whatever that thing is - whether you're writing a book, or you are starting a company or starting a television program or a radio program or a YouTube channel - I want you to think about that.

How many people are going to be affected and who are these people that are going to be affected?

Sacrifice and Surrender Unveil Your Strengths

I want to submit to you today that when you find your strengths or your abilities and you connect them with the greatest number of people possible in this world, you step into a world where your uncommon millionaire talents will reveal themselves to you.

Greatness only shows itself to be greatness when it is shared with the greatest number of people. If you are to be great, you must be one who serves a lot of people.

For example, when we look at social media followings, we might say that that person has won 1000 subscribers, and another has a million subscribers.

Now the two of them can be doing the same thing, but the impact is going to be vastly different between the two, and the one who has more followers is going to have a greater impact and a greater influence than the influencer with 1000.

In this instance, we’re assessing this just by looking at the raw numbers. However, if the one who has a thousand is dealing with people who have millions of subscribers themselves, then the equation and the power quickly shifts to the one who has a thousand.

Because you see if you are serving those who are serving the greater number of people, then your impact and your influence are actually greater than the person who is only serving one-tenth of what you are actually serving indirectly.

Do you see what I'm saying?

So, you can't just look at the raw numbers.

Sacrifice and Surrender Unlock Your Uncommon Millionaire Talents

But what I'm saying is uncommon millionaire talents are those which enable you to connect with the most people and serve the most people possible because they come from the full expanse of who you are.

All of you invests in these uncommon millionaire talents! Everything leads back right there.

This is where your sacrifice comes in. You have to give yourself to using these uncommon millionaire talents no matter how hard or different from what you were thinking they may be.

If you're meant to serve the few and in serving the few you serve a ton of people, surrender to the fact that your task is for the few who serve the million!

Surrender: You were given these uncommon millionaire talents to make people’s lives better and show forth what the Creator gave to you.

When you connect with your uncommon millionaire talents, you're going to find that they are linked to the greatest number of people that you can possibly serve with who you are and what you're capable of doing.

When I mentioned that your unique strength comes from sacrificially surrendering for the good of all, I'm talking about being of the greatest service possible with the talents and abilities that you have been given.

Now you can take the same talents and apply them to a small group of people, but there will be a greater impact if you apply them to a greater number of people (directly or indirectly).

When you find a talent or ability that can take you to the greatest number of people, you probably have found one of your uncommon millionaire talents and you need to set up a business right there, hone in on your skills and truly develop it for all that it is.

Surrender: You may be a writer or a statistician, but writing or statistics may not be in the vicinity of your uncommon millionaire talent.

One of the things that we have to be able to do as advancing people is we must be able to differentiate between a talent and an uncommon millionaire talent.

We all come into life with talents.

These talents can be transformed or rather revealed to be uncommon millionaire talents based on what we do with them, and based on what we were meant to do.

So, you may have an ability or a talent to write a book, but your uncommon millionaire talents or one of them may not be in writing books. Because you see, that talent may be an ability that you have, but it is not the talent that is supposed to take you into the place of your destiny.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Uncommon millionaire talents are connected to your destiny. They cry out to you, so to speak.

And once you begin to understand that there are talents that you have that are so intrinsically intertwined into your very being, you will begin to realize that there are some things that you do that no one else in the world can do the way that you do, that are unique to you. Now, one of the things that entrepreneurs talk about is differentiation. They talk about differentiation especially when it comes to branding.

The way that you differentiate yourself from others in the market can be done in a variety of different ways. Now if you don't take the course of connecting with your Uncommon Millionaire Talents, you can go about doing this in a variety of ways like trying to change the product, trying to change that and change the other.

However, what I advocate is building a business around your uncommon millionaire talents because what this allows you to do is it helps you to connect talent to Destiny, and when talent is connected to destiny there will be something like a life-force that continuously feeds your promotion and success.

However, with a normal talent, the ability or the reach and the influence of that talent is limited. When it comes to uncommon millionaire talents, the reach and the influence is virtually unlimited. You step out of the realm of being just like somebody else and you step into the realm of being 1 in 7 billion. It's like a fingerprint.

Uncommon millionaire talents are like entrepreneurial fingerprints for your destiny. Everyone has a unique fingerprint.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Your destiny has a particular fingerprint.

My destiny has a particular fingerprint.

Suzanne's destiny has another fingerprint.

Bob’s destiny has another fingerprint.

And once you can tap into your purpose, passions and uncommon millionaire talents you tap into that fingerprint, you tap into that existence that is uniquely yours - your space in the market.

So instead of having competitors, you basically take over a monopoly in the market- one that was already yours from before you were even born.

There's no one else like you. Someone may have a similar talent, but you have the uncommon millionaire talent if you’ve located it correctly.

That means that wherever and to whatever length is necessary for you to go to be the pre-eminent source of service or benefit in that market, you can go because that is what you were meant to do. In essence, you step out of the ordinary and step into extraordinary.

You step out of sameness and step into uniqueness. Uncommon millionaire talents step you into a world where you are the preeminent source of power as the Creator intended.

Sacrifice and Surrender: You must be the kind of person that never shirks back in the face of opposition, scrutiny, and shame.

You must have the fortitude to see the results of your talents come into fruition! Most people know how to identify greatness when they see it, and if it is anything worth pursuing, you should prepare yourself for people to be jealous and hostile towards you without a cause.

Whenever you start something great, you must prepare yourself for great opposition because nothing great happens without overcoming great setbacks.

Some people, when they see someone who is carrying something great or something of value, seek to ostracize or try to belittle that person. And it's because many times they're jealous.

They may be jealous of the possibility that you have in your life because of what you have shared with them.

They may be jealous that you're not going to stay where you are or where you were for the rest of your life.

They may be afraid that you’re not going to stay in their group.

And because you've stepped things up a notch, they may be jealous because you're no longer where they are. You're no longer going to settle for less than who you truly are.

And so what they do is they try to emotionally blackmail you; making you feel like something is wrong with you or that you've done something wrong or that you have left them, or you've deserted them or something to that effect.

And the truth of the matter is you have done everything right in this area. You see, life is not supposed to be about what somebody else tells you that you're supposed to do.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Life is supposed to be about what you are purposed by The Creator to do, and the good news is: what you were purposed to do is in your DNA.

When you give room to the purpose for which you were born - connecting your passion and sacrifice in making changes in your life to accommodate and manifest your uncommon millionaire talents to the benefit of the people around you - you will be made fun of.

You will be ostracized. You will be called out. You will be made to feel as if you're doing something wrong when all that you're doing is doing something better for your life and making things better for the people that you serve.

But most people aren't going to see it that way because the only thing that most people see is how what you’re doing or planning to do is going to affect them. And if they are small-minded, they're going to think that if you become great, then they'll look especially small.

Small-minded people may feel that if you step up to another level that people are going to be wondering why they haven't stepped up to the next level.

You see, sometimes the opposition that you get has nothing to do with you per se, but it has everything to do with how you are making other people feel because you are doing what they have not had the fortitude to do in their own lives.

So if you are ready to take on the backlash and if you are ready to go to the next level, and if you are ready to push past the obstacles, then go for it, but be forewarned.

Some people are not going to like you, and that just comes with the territory of advancing. As you advance to the next level, some people will want you to stay the same because they're not willing to change.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Don't stay with them.

Go where you're supposed to go because you'll eventually find people who are like you. They are rare, though. But for your sake and for your destiny’s sake you need to go on because the people who are jealous of you are - more likely than not - never going to be happy with you for going forward.

They want you small and immature.

And then when you stay small, they make fun of you for staying small. Then, when you decide to get big, they make fun of you and ostracize you for being big. So why listen to them?

Whether you do, or whether you don't, they still have something to say so move on forward!

Sacrifice and Surrender: Go forward even if people say to you that you think that you're better than them even when you don't think so.

You simply have to make the decision to let your light shine. And listen, any time this happens, you've hit oil.

I can't tell you how many times people have said: “Oh, you think that you're better than me.” And I'm like, “No I'm just being who I'm supposed to be. I have just cut off a lot of this stuff off of me that I shouldn't have in my life, and I'm just shining with the light that I have because that is what I've worked towards. This is what I know that I'm supposed to do. It’s not that I think that I'm better than you. When I was a child in the same way as you were, I didn’t receive a gold spoon in my mouth. Didn't I have to work to get to where I am? Didn’t I have to trust God to get to where I am right now? Why would I think that I am better than you when I had to put in the work, face lots of obstacles, stumble and fall?”

Listen, many times when people point out to you that you think that you're better than them, it's because they feel the greatness in you and the greatness that will come forth. So pay attention to those times when people say you think that you're better than them because it may be an indication of some greatness that is in you.

What I say is when you’ve found that, you've hit oil. Tap it quick and get a rig around it because millions are in your future whenever people begin to feel small around you or when the hate you without a cause.

If you haven’t done anything wrong, or hurtful to them and they still seem to be hating on you it may be because you are growing and becoming greater.

It's not your intention for people to feel that way, but they will inevitably feel that way because you are changing, and they are staying the same.

If I am growing and someone else is staying the same, I will become bigger in their eyes when compared to them because they're staying the same.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Don't blame yourself or shrink back because of hurtful statements.

Many times, they have more to do with the fact that you are growing, and others are staying the same. Often, people who start saying stuff like that are people who are not growing and people who are not on this advancing path. This is another indication of who you should be hanging around and who you should not be hanging around.

People who are on the advancing path are people you need to hang around.

I’m not saying that you should throw your friends or coworkers away, but I am saying that you should not seek to hang around people who only seek to bring you back down to where they are.

It is such a pleasure wanting to serve people.

Sacrifice and Surrender: What a life it is to wake up in the morning excited about being of service!

This is what you get in this advancing life. This is what you get when you're on this path to fulfilling your God-given destiny. This is what you get when you are moving past the obstacles and deciding that come what may, you are going forward.

You get the joy of fulfillment. People will many times try to stop you from being on this path, but what you want to do is prevail and go forward regardless of what these people say and what these people do.

Because your life is not about what people say and what people do. You should focus on fulfilling your God-given purpose using the desires He has given to you; using your uncommon millionaire talents in the service of humanity.

And you’ve got to do this regardless of the obstacles and regardless of what people have said. You have to do this regardless of all of the backbiting and fake news. If you can get past the “stuff,” you can overcome the “stuff.”

You have to get to the place where what really matters in this world is being of service to people in the way that you were meant to be of service to people -serving and loving them the way that The Creator intended.

Your life will begin to take on shape. Your life will begin to take on a new air. You will breathe a new sigh of relief when you step into that place where you can truly be of service with your uncommon millionaire talents.

What are the entry keys to this life of service? You have to know that your uncommon talents are found in the place of your deep everlasting desires.

And once you harness them through the process of sacrifice, flowing through your purpose, you will inevitably come to the place where your uncommon millionaire talents bring you before great people.

Sacrifice and Surrender: Life gains through serving people.

And if you have not come to that place where you are serving the people that you are meant by God to serve, out of the bounty of who you were meant to be, you will feel unfulfilled. And so this advancing life that we're talking about is one that will help you to be fulfilled.

No amount of drugs, money, alcohol, or sex can fulfill the need and the desire that you have on the inside for manifested service. No amount of sweets or items or superficial goods can meet this need.

You have to make up in your mind that you are going forward towards the goal of becoming everything that you were meant to be; serving the people that you were meant to serve.

Because your life and your uncommon millionaire talents and your essence will bring tremendous value to the world and people will not experience that value without you paying the price.

Your value is tremendous, and it is unlimited in the area for which you were born. So don't shrink back. And don't look back because we are depending on you.

Sacrifice and Surrender: There is nothing more enjoyable than your talents whose opportunity to serve have come.

I don't know about you, but I know for me that every time I have a feeling of “This is what I'm supposed to be doing”, “This is why I was born,” or, “This is so exciting and so exhilarating,” and “I am serving the people that I am meant to serve with the talents that I’m supposed to be serving them in the way that I'm supposed to serve them,” I do a lot of writing. Why? Because I never want to miss what those unique circumstances were conveying to me. Nothing in life will give you as much fulfillment and deep enjoyment as knowing that you're doing what God wants you to do in your life. This fulfillment comes from a deep place. It's bigger than you.

I often look at the service that we render in life to others as a great tapestry of sorts where there is an interwoven mechanism from which all lives on the earth feed.

And when we do what we’re meant to do we complete the missing pieces of others. The puzzle pieces come together to make up a whole, and this whole is everything that The Creator wants us to be.

What you have to do is come from the place of knowing who God is, knowing the purpose that was given to you, and stepping into that purpose with abandon.

Sacrifice and Surrender: You have to abandon many things that you've known up to this point in your life to be successful

And when you do this, you will find that there's nothing more enjoyable than living a life of service to people - providing a service that you were meant before you were even born to provide.

Imagine this for a moment! Imagine the scope of this thought that even before you were born, you were meant to do something great.

You were meant to provide a particular service for such a time as this to the people that presently exist in the world today.

Imagine that.

And no one else can do it! Ponder that. What thoughts come to mind? I don’t know what your thoughts are, but what I know is that you are very valuable, very unique, and very much needed in this world.

But for any of this to tangibly matter, you must pay the price of sacrifice to unleash that greatness, and surrender to that greatness placed in you.