How To Start A Business The Successful Way

Starting A Business- How To Get Started

Forget Starting With The Old Business Plan: Build Your New Business Plan With Ideas At The Core and then flow out of Those Core Business Ideas To The Money-Making Specifics of Your Business

In this article you will learn the secrets to starting a business successfully. I'll be taking an unconventional approach to this because sadly 95% of business startups fail. I believe that's because they did not get the knowledge that I will be sharing with you today.

Most of what I've seen on online has been about starting with a business plan and then progressing to market research and product or service development after acquiring a license to operate. All of these are great, but very seldom do these pieces of advice give you the tools you need to have a great and successful business!

So, I do things differently.

You'll soon learn that my methodology is centered around finding your purpose, then unlocking your uncommon millionaire talents, while learning how to use automated and effective systems to keep everything going virtually on autopilot.

This way you don't start a business that you don't want to stay in. This way you don't start a business that you can't sustain because you weren't meant to be in that kind of business. This way you don't start a business that sucks all your energy because you're working in your business instead of on it doing something that you don't like or love.

You've got to start your business differently if you want sustainable growth. This is what I want to help you to do.

Why do I focus on your purpose? Because you were made to complete it. Why do I focus on your uncommon millionaire talents? Because these talents are the unique, superpower talents of your purpose. And why do I focus on effective and automated systems? Because you need to have the time an energy to build new ones to sustain what you do and go to higher levels of increase and wealth!

You see, one of the most dangerous numbers in business is one. But, sadly, most business rely on one product, one service or one level of product and service, and when that goes, they go belly up. This should not be!

I'm going to help you with this also.

In today's article I have a treat for you. I'm going to share with you the secrets that I wish I knew a while ago when I first ventured into the world of business.

You're going to learn:
1) What money really is.

2) How to make it.

3) What prospective customers need from you in order to buy your product/service.

4) The Power of An Awakened Relationship With Your Customer Base.

5) Why you should not focus on your product or service and instead focus on your customers' experience with your brand.

6) The power of your brand and why it is the key to sustainable growth! This is key to staying out of the 95% failure category.

7) Why it's so hard selling your products to your family members and relatives.

8) And much more.

Are you ready? Great.

Here we go!

Core Business Plan Idea: Business is about the transfer of power from one individual to another

Business is about the transfer of power from one individual to another.

Every sale is about the transfer of power from one individual to another. Every encounter or experience that your customer has is an experience of transfer of power from one individual to another.

If your customer feels as though they have more power than your business or your offering, they will not purchase from you.

Spiritually speaking -as we are spiritual beings - we connect with people, or we gravitate towards people who are more spiritually powerful, or more powerful in different ways than we are.

And so, for the sale to take place, your customers must perceive that you have something of greater influence, energy, power or substance than they do. And once they can see that, that's when they're able to say, “Okay, I want to have that.”

Core Business Plan Idea: Focus on creating the power-gradient when you set up your business

The job of the marketer is not to focus on the product, but it is to focus on developing and creating a power gradient in the mind of the customer.

Because as long as the customer doesn't see the value that the business has, the customer will never be able to fully assess their position. Because your customers think about their wants and needs.

In their minds, they might say, “Okay, I have this need, I have this thing that I want to get over or this thing that I want to experience, but I need to find a business that has that thing.”

If your business isn't presented in a way where they feel that they will accomplish something great by buying something from you, you will not get the sale.

Starting a Business Idea: Until your customer feels like there's some energy that's going to change his life as a result of doing business with you, he’s not going to make the purchase.

This is because we are spiritual beings. And we always think in terms of energy and power. We always think in terms of energy and power.

The reason why we have conversations with certain people is because we are thinking about energy and power.

If you encounter somebody for the very first time and that person shies away from you, after a period of time, if that person is very shy or very pulled-off to themselves, you stop investing your energy in that person because your energy is the one that's supplying all the resources for the relationship.

However, if you encounter somebody and that person is into you, and the person is so full of energy that he gives you energy, and you're taking, and you're sharing, it becomes an explosive experience. You say, “Wow, where were you all my life? How is it that I've never met you before?” What happened in this case? There was a spark, that was established through gradients that caused the relationship to bloom and blossom.

When You Start A Business You need Relationships That Bloom and Blossom with Your Clients

You have to have these kinds of relationships with your clients, where there's a give and take; where there are gradients set up; where you can match your customers’ energy and take things even higher! You want your customers to say, “Hey, I need to set myself up with that business because I love being around them. I can’t help the way that that business makes me feel. I have to purchase some of their products!”

Business will be so easy if you have relationships like this with your marketplace.

The way that you do this is by setting up the gradients.

And you have to have in your mind that there must be a power or energy gradient set up for there to be a transfer of money to you. Why is this so?

Money is a representation of the energy that we have or give as individuals. Think about it! You spend your energy at a job or at a company doing something, and that person or that company responds to you by giving you back “something” for your energy.

That “something” is money.

And so your money is a reflection of the energy that people give back to you in response to the energy that you give to them.

So when those persons or those clients come to you, and they say that they want to give their energy or money for something, it must be something of equal or greater energy for them to actually make that decision because it will make no sense to spend lots of time, lots of energy getting the money, (or the response to their own expended energy from somebody else) only to invest that money(energy) in something that doesn't give them equal or greater energy.

I know that’s a bit wordy, but I need you to see the money-energy connection at play.

Core Business Plan Idea: Money is Energy

Money is energy. Don't get it confused. Remember, the power is in the details. The manifestation is in the details.

Money is energy.

That's the thing that you need to bear in mind when you're doing business. The more energy you provide to somebody, or to some individual, and they're able to perceive and receive it as such, the more money you can acquire because money is feedback on the energy that you have given to somebody or to a market.

The money that you're able to acquire is dependent on the energy that you're able to give. The energy that you're able to manifest or send the way of your customers is that which determines the money that you get back in response.

For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. That's what we learned in physics, right? For every release of energy, there's an equal and opposite release of energy. When you do business, you give energy.

You give energy to somebody to accomplish a task. You give energy to somebody to have success in life. You give energy to somebody to accomplish his or her goals. That person will give you that same or greater energy back to accomplish your goals.

Business is a process of transmutation of energy. You give energy, and your customer gives energy.

Your energy is delivered in a product, a service, and in your communication.

Then, your marketplace transmutes that energy and gives back to you energy-feedback in the form of testimonials, money, celebration and adulation, referrals, etc.

You see, the energy you put out into the world will determine the energy that you get back and the different forms of the energy that you get back.

Core Business Plan Idea: The Energy You Put Out In Business Will Determine The Energy or Money That You Get In Return.

There's a law of conservation of energy that states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change from one form to another. There is a transfer that happens. When you have a product, you have stored energy or potential energy. When that energy is transformed into kinetic energy or flowing or moving energy by the actions of your customer, that flowing or moving energy is then transformed back into potential energy in the form of money.

You see, it is the process of transmutation or transformation of energy that gives birth to the money that you receive.

Your Product or Service is A Delivery of Energy To Your Customer

So, if it is that you want money, you must begin to establish gradients so that you can deliver energy to people in the form of the product or the service that market wants.

Then once you have this set up, begin to set up systems where your customers can give you the returning energy in the form of money.

In this area, you have to set up your payment processors, your payment gateways. PayPal, and Stripe are examples of these. You have to be able to set these up.

You must first invest the energy in the marketplace, for the energy to be returned to you. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. And even though the energy that you sent forth went forth, it can neither be created nor destroyed. It will come back to you in a different form, which in this case - since we're talking about business- is money.

Before You Get Money, You Must Invest Energy in Your Marketplace or Industry.

So, it is not something bad (like you may have been told) to be in business. On the contrary, it is wonderful and good to do business. It's the process by which you provide people the energy to do the things that they desire to do, and in many cases, were destined by the Creator to do.

Start A Business Idea: Take Your Eyes of Your Product Or Service, and Focus On Your Brand and The Experience Your Create For Your Marketplace.

The work that you have to put in is not in the selling part of the business per se, but it is in the branding part of the business.

Once the brand is built, even if you lose all the money and all the profits, the brand or the image that people have in their minds will remain.

This is why people can lose millions and gain them back in days, or months -it’s the power of the brand.

Core Business Plan Idea: In Business, when the money goes, the brand remains.

And the money follows the brand. Remember that.

Your Unique brand that comes from within you- that God has uniquely prepared for your life and hidden in your gifts and talents and passion- is what you need to focus on.

Once you build your unique brand, the money will follow.

Your Market Buys The Brand That It Knows, Likes and Trusts

Let’s say you go to a store and you see some shampoo products on the shelf. There are many shampoos, but you don't buy the product that you are unsure of even though it does the same thing and probably is cheaper.

You buy the brand that you know, like, and trust.

And the reason why you know, like and trust that brand over the other is because someone did a great job in communicating their unique difference to you.

Every Business Must Understand That It's About Impact, not Inventory

It's not what you provide; it's about what you do for people. What effect do your brand and marketing have on people? The way that you begin to have a greater impact in your market is by being specific in your description of what you offer.

And if you look at the uncommon talents that you and your company have, you can begin to see the unique elements of your business.

You need people to see the difference between what you do and what somebody else does. Because the money flows in the direction of the difference.

It's like electricity and osmosis. The process of osmosis entails the movement of water particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. There's a difference between one position and the other position.

It's the same thing in business.

People come in with a need. They are in the low position. You provide an experience to meet that need or want so you are at the high position.

Power flows from the high position to the low position.

In business, power flows from you to your customers.

If you provide a service or an offering that is seen at a high level, what that creates is a gradient so that you can flow power or influence from where you are -at the high position- to your customer at the low position.

Because your prospective client wants this power to meet their need, they will WANT to hear what you have to say!

However, if you don't do the work in setting things up, so your customers understand their position, then your customers will see themselves as being in the same position as you are and they will move to another business to get the power they need.

This is why it’s so difficult marketing and selling to family - it’s very hard to establish a power gradient.

Your family members tend to see you as having the same position as they do! You must create in your marketplace that difference so that your customers can have a flow of power or energy from you to them.

Once you're able to flow energy from you to your customers, you can begin to have greater influence with them.

Energy in business flows from an area of greater potential to an area of lower potential. And so when you activate these gradients in your business, it's very easy to have sales come in.

If you can set these gradients up -if people can see where you are as being different from where they are - you will never have a problem with money another day in your life. We see this phenomenon with college graduates.

What a degree does is it sets people up to see the value of where you are as opposed to where they are. A University degree helps people say, “Okay, I want to hire you for this job.”

More Ideas for Starting Your Business Successfully

In your business, you may have a degree, or you may not have a degree. Regardless, you have to create that gradient so that there's a known difference between where you are and where your customer is. The more power gradients you set up, the easier the sales and the more money you’ll be able to make with your clients.

Now we can take it a step further. You also want to set up gradients in the mind of your customers between you and your “competitors.”

You want people to clearly see where your competitors are and where you are. And once you create these gradients, people will say “Oh, I get more power or more energy, more stuff or more value from Business A (your business) as opposed to Business C (your competitor).

This is what you want. To do that, you must fully harness the invisible qualities and value that your business possesses.

Because value is both invisible and visible.

Secret Business Idea: Value In Your Business Is Invisible and Visible.

A lot of people focus on the value that is visible. But they fail to understand that the invisible value is the value that you have in your customers’ minds, and this is infinitely more powerful than the value that you have in the physical world.

Albeit, through technology, you can build invisible equity in the mind of your customer that will work for your advantage as well as your customers’.

Learn Marketing before and after you do anything in business. Marketing is really what makes money, not your product. Your product helps you keep your client AFTER you’ve marketed to them.

Don’t be let down by your failures in life. Pick yourself up by your successes in life

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Learn how to communicate your value effectively to your prospect. It’s the only way that they will see “their” reason to buy.

People value the ideal life. In some way, if you can give this to them, you’ll have customers for life.

Make things happen, and things will happen for you. Make good things happen for others and good things will happen for you.

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Be prepared to put everything on the line for your God-given purpose. This is the way to success fast.

Walk people through your marketing and sales process; you’re the best person to do so.

Your business prospects and clients want to have a sense of security from doing business with you. Business is won and lost on trust and security. Be sure to address your prospects’ objections and quickly and legitimately eliminate them.

Learn something new every day.

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Every moment, every event, and every situation comes to you loaded with solutions. Dig them out of the mess, and apply them to your present mess. True Solutions are solutions and it doesn’t matter where they are applied or where they come from.

Make life easy for others and life will be made easy for you.

Package your information for your customer and at the same time do not inconvenience you and your purpose. Serve but do not become a slave to service.

Make your strengths work for you.

Make your weaknesses work for you.

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Position yourself first in business. Everything comes from positioning yourself well in the marketplace.

Find a way to influence good change in your marketplace. Change the knowledge, change the thinking patterns and change the culture strategically so that your customers will be able to benefit more readily from the information, services or products that you provide.

Market Domination is solely about Cultural Reform. Change the culture of the marketplace to make it more conducive to the value that you provide and you’ll inevitably rule the market.

More Ideas For Your Business Plan

Don’t be afraid to be who God has created you to be- this person is one of your greatest assets.

Your success is in leveraging your abilities, strengths and talents and those of others for the benefit of all those who are involved.

When you can see, smell, taste, feel and hear your success before it actually comes, you can rest assured and know that your success is right around the corner.

No one can make up your mind for you. And if anyone wants to do so, don’t let them. Only God should have that place. No one else is allowed there.

More Ideas on How To Start Your Business

Be open to wise counsel. A fool is the one who says that he knows all things and doesn’t need the help of others.

Destroy false beliefs or they will destroy you.

Construct your life around true beliefs and your life will be constructed in truth, blessing, and prosperity.

Honor comes to those who give honor.

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Respect your body and it will respect you by giving you health.

What you honor comes into your life, and what you dishonor leaves your life.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life about success, it’s this. I’ve learned that you have to leverage what The Creator has given to you.  What you have is of great value, but when you leverage this value it multiplies exponentially.

Your Money Is Not In Your Content, or what you know, but it’s in your market’s perception of what you know and what you do.

You can hardly get a family member to buy from you. It’s not because you don’t have the value that they want, but it’s because they don’t perceive the value they want in you.

More Ideas For Your Business Plan

Develop the skills to improve the perception of your offerings to your target audience.

You don’t have to have to do everything just right; you just have to present your value in a way that meets your prospects desires to overcome their problems.

Stop playing pin the tail on the donkey and take off the blind fold and dominate in your life.

You have to teach people to value your products. Don’t leave it up to chance because it’s not that important to your prospects to seek out your value amidst a world of advertising.

The money is in the marketing, not in the product.

More Ideas on How To Start Your Business

Money is a leveraging tool. People pay money to leverage themselves out of a ditch. To get people to give you money, you have to leverage your information in such a way that your prospects see what you do as a giant lever out of the pit that they’ve found themselves in.

People don’t pay money just for paying money sake. They pay money to leverage their abilities, talents, and strengths to overcome their disabilities, hiccups and weaknesses.

Build your marketing muscle. If you’re like most people, your product creation muscle is  well-developed already.

Don’t miss your God-given opportunities to shine.

More Ideas For Your Business Plan

When you give value to others, others will give value to you.

When you give value to people first, people will give value to you first.

Focus on creating your unique presence in your marketplace. Your success in the market hinges largely on this.

You create presence by creating polarity in the marketplace. In other words, let people see that only you can meet this desire in business for them.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

You create presence so that you can exercise power in your marketplace.

Power is exercised in your marketplace when you do three things; impact the industry’s knowledge, impact the industry’s systematic way of thinking; and impact the industry’s culture.

If you cannot impact and influence your industry’s culture for the better in your marketplace then you’re not ready to be a millionaire (nor will you ever be).

Millionaires bring change- the good kind.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

Don’t look to others to give you your million dollar idea. Look to God- He has the power to get you there.

If you can grab and sustain your market’s attention on what you provide, you will always grab and sustain a life-long relationship with your prospects in the marketplace.

Seeing is believing but this kind of sight is not with your natural eyes, but sight that is through the eyes of The Creator.

Discovering Your reason for being here is dis-covering your reason for being here. If you don’t do it, this you can be sure of- no one else will uncover you.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

Be confident in your unique way
of expressing your thoughts and expressing your inventions.  We don’t need clones. We need originals.

Millionaires are originals.

Don’t talk to any body or everybody about your business. Many of them can’t talk, see or operate at your level.

Watch who you hang out with. Don’t hang out with “bums” or you’ll become one.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

If you’re still looking for cheap love then you don’t possess the tools to be loved unconditionally. This is one of the things that only God can give, and you’re going to need it when you go to the top and influence cultures, because not every body is going to have something nice to say.

The biggest problem for you in business is to stay forever in the cycle of the number 1- one product, one sales cycle, one customer, one joint venture partner, one talent, one idea, one website.  Learn the power of leverage and
turn your 1 into billions.

Be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue. Do these 4 things and you’ll be doing wonders with your business and your profit models.

More Ideas For Your Business Plan

All that’s needed many times is the final word. Many of us stay around he-says, she-says and maybe I’ll do this and maybe I’ll do that for far too long. Nothing happens until the final word is spoken. The final word is a word of disciplined, focused and decisive action. Do you have a final word in your mouth?  Don’t have one? Go and get one! You aren’t going to move until you do.

Don’t be afraid to say good-bye. Good-byes are always portals into glorious hellos.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone?”  I make it my business to find out what I’ve got without it having to go. How do I do this? I distance myself from everything, and count the blessings that The Creator has given to me. I look at everything. Then, I reenter the real world. When I re-enter the “real” world I know what I have and I know its purpose. You’ve got to do this to refocus and to re-steady yourself in your life. You have to be more thankful and appreciative of what The Creator has given to you. And sometimes this takes stepping back, and looking at things from His perspective.

More Ideas on How To Start A Business That Makes Money For You.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Appreciate the insignificant things in your life. They’re only insignificant because you’ve not accredited value to them. Sometimes The Creator hides big treasures in lowly, earthen vessels.

Order is designed to come out of disorder. If the disorder in your life frightens you then you can’t bring order to it. It’s only when you can appreciate the disorder in your life as an opportunity to bring order that you’re able to rise to the occasion to bring order to it.

More Ideas To Add To Your Business Plan

Bad things happen to good people because only good people can fix the bad.

Overcome every setback with a setup.

Destroy feelings of failure with feelings of success.

Dismantle fear by setting up a spring of unconditional, undying, and eternal love in your life.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

Eradicate slavery by establishing freedom.

Every problem requires a turn around to become a profound solution. Only wisdom can bring this turn around.

Be open for new ideas
, but always check the integrity of the source.

If you’re still where you don’t want to be, then you’re still submitting yourself to someone or something that you don’t want to be like.

More Money-Making Ideas For Starting Your Business

Authority is the true currency of life. If you don’t have it you won’t have anything lasting.

Authority is easily acquired, but it’s only acquired through submission- something that most detest.

Power flows from a position of high potential to a position of low potential.

Courage is the ability to stay under a higher authority when a lesser authority is asking for you to rejoin the firm.

More Money-Making Ideas To Add To Your Business Plan

Anything in your life can change. You simply have to locate and submit to the higher authority.

Success is 90% Science and 10 % Art. Don’t stay in the 10% pile of people with great ideas. Tap into the 90% of the success you’ve been holding out on by implementing the Science.

Don’t bring yesterday’s pain into today; you’ll be tired before and after you eat breakfast if you do.

Are you ready for success? Then, receive it.

More Ideas on Starting A Business That Makes You Money

Live life outside of the boundaries of others. People think too small anyway.

Your identity is not vested in the opinions of others but your identity is vested in the mandate, purpose of The Creator for your life.

Never belittle yourself because those around you have been belittled and want to belittle you. You don’t need that kind of pressure on you. Have you ever tried placing a giant in a cake box? Let them be full of concessions if they want to be, but let yourself be filled with substance, power, depth, height, width and breadth.